A first generation Asian American, was born in Taiwan, but grew up in the Cajun heartland of Louisiana. She attended LSUS, where she completed her studies in Bachelor of Science.  Her deep passion for justice eventually led her to Houston to attend South Texas College of Law Houston formerly known as South Texas College of Law, where she earned her degree in Doctor of Jurisprudence.  After graduating from law school, Kathy remained in Houston where she has been practicing law in the Greater Houston area.  During her years of practicing law in the Greater Houston area, Kathy began to realize that although Harris County is the third most populous county in the nation with citizens of diverse backgrounds, the judges sitting on the benches were not reflective of that diversity.  Career judges sitting on benches were so complacent to changing the efficiency of the judiciary that cases were just being rubber stamped.  To take a stand against a stagnant judicial system, Kathy became the first judicial candidate in sixteen years to have the courage to run against one of many long sitting incumbents of the Harris County District Courts.  Although the final election numbers did not garner a victory over the incumbent, Kathy had achieved victory in other ways, paving the way for other candidates to gather the courage to run against career judges and for the first time, caused an incumbent to campaign since her race raised awareness among voters of the shortcomings in the judiciary.  Since then, Kathy continued her quest to inspire voters and candidates of the possibility of a judiciary reflective of the county’s diversity by informing voters of the importance of having a voice through the power of voting.
     In addition to practicing law and raising three children, Isabelle, London, and Ethan with husband, Peter, Kathy’s passion and compassion to serve the needs of her community has led her to volunteer for nonprofit organizations including but not limited to League of Women Voters of the Houston Area, Light and Salt Association, and Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston.  “To be a true supporter of the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution, one shall cause effect to the words contained therein.  I am running for justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Place 6 for the November 6, 2018 election because the highest and most important court in our state needs to be diverse more than ever.  To have justice, equality and fairness, a system needs to encompass a body of beings comprised of various points of views and experiences.  Justice, equality and fairness should not be mere terms of art but a reality.  As someone who has encountered and worked with people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences, I know how important it is to be compassionate, open minded, sensitive, bias free, and decisive.  As a legal practitioner for almost two decades, I have conducted myself in my legal profession with those qualities and have been fortunate to be successful in being the voice for my clients.  Although I have gained tremendous joy in being the voice for my clients, I now seek a higher calling, to be the voice of the citizens of the State of Texas.  With those same qualities that contributed to my success as a private legal practitioner and the Lord’s guidance, I know with certainty that my continued utilization of those qualities and beliefs will provide me the judicial temperament required of being a great justice for the State of Texas.  With your support and vote, I will be a justice elected by the People, for the People and answerable to the People.”